Project information


I am thrilled to share my accomplishment in winning the first prize at the prestigious Tunisian-Algerian student festival, Autonomy Robotics Challenge. This festival, hosted at my alma mater, ISSATKR, brought together the brightest minds from Tunisia and Algeria for a series of challenging competitions. Among these, I distinguished myself in the Autonomy Robotics Challenge, a contest that pushed the boundaries of robotics and autonomy.
Participating in this event was not only a testament to my technical skills but also a chance to collaborate with talented peers and engage in innovative problem-solving. The competition involved designing and programming autonomous robots to navigate and complete complex tasks, which demanded a deep understanding of robotics, control systems, and artificial intelligence.
Securing the first prize in the Autonomy Robotics Challenge is a testament to my dedication, teamwork, and passion for robotics. This achievement showcases my ability to excel in high-pressure environments and my commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.
I look forward to leveraging this experience and knowledge in future endeavors, contributing to the field of robotics and automation.