Project information


At the International Robots Weekend, held on June 24 – 25, 2023, at INSAT, our club achieved a remarkable fourth place in a highly competitive field. As the sole representative of higher education institutes under the Ministry of Higher Education, we proudly stood alongside teams from various engineering universities.
Our notable project centered on the development of an adjustable arm meticulously designed to securely hold a compact case containing specialized hardware. This groundbreaking solution represents a transformative leap in enabling individuals to engage with music through intuitive hand movements, effectively translating gestures into musical notes.
Within our team of five talented individuals, my role as the project's programmer was pivotal. Leveraging the formidable capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), I crafted a seamlessly user-friendly desktop software that revolutionizes interactive music learning experiences. By effortlessly adjusting the angle of their hands, users can produce distinct musical notes, fostering a unique, engaging, and accessible approach to music exploration and learning.
This project serves as a testament to our collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, blending innovation with the art of music, and delivering solutions that enhance the lives of individuals. I invite you to explore this project further in my portfolio, as it stands as a testament to our unwavering passion for transformative technology and its potential to enrich our world."